Introducing the Smartphone for Indoor Agriculture

GrowStrip is the smart digital platform for indoor growers


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GrowStrip provides an easy way to remotely control devices and monitor plants through real-time data collection. Just plug it in and download the free app, available for iOS and Android. Available exclusively on Indiegogo.

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GrowStrip by Grow Computer is a first-of-its-kind device—bringing together data, alerts, community, automation, and programming. With GrowStrip, you have all the tools you need to digitally interface with and control any indoor system.


GrowStrip lets you power, monitor, and control your entire grow from any digital device. You can automate your grow by programming timers and power modulation based on sensor readings. 

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Get valuable information about light, temperature cycles, low water levels and more. Build recipes to automate your grow. Set alerts so you know how your grow is doing wherever you are. Access the Grow Computer app for iOS or Android, or just connect to your dashboard on any browser.

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GrowStrip has eight programmable outlets with surge protection as well as four USB ports for external sensors or any other USB devices. USB air sensors and webcam are currently in development.


As Featured on Agritecture and iGrow News


"The days of plugging different system components into multiple power strips each with different timers is over" - Agritecture.com


"GrowStrip offers a user-friendly way for growers of all kinds to make their grows smarter through a simple hardware and software platform." - iGrow.News


Join the Revolution

Grow Computer will power the next agricultural revolution by building smart and user-centric IoT-enabled products for the farmers of the future


Grow Computer creates unique hardware solutions to empower smart indoor agriculture. By connecting farmers, entrepreneurs, researchers,and students around the world, Grow Computer is bringing together an entire community to share data and optimize the future of agriculture. That’s why our first product, Grow Strip, is more than just a technology. It’s our way of helping make agriculture more sustainable, more local, and more delicious.


Our Team

We were founded by Ian McEachern, a medical device design engineer, and Dan Nelson, a Virtual CFO and seasoned entrepreneur, who connected through the MIT OpenAg Forum.

Today our team has grown to seven and is split between California and New York, two incredible states with rich agricultural and technological histories. 


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