The smart digital platform for indoor growing

Indoor Agriculture, Made Smarter

Remotely control, monitor, analyze, and automate your grow on any growing system.


Build an optimized growing system on our smart platform that gives you full control of your grow

Grow Computer is a smart IoT platform that is modernizing indoor growing for any controlled environment.


Monitor your grow system 24/7, wherever you are

Using sensors that track conditions within your grow operation- anywhere from temperature to nutrient levels - the information you need to manage your grow is continuously available at your fingertips. Set alerts when readings pass specified thresholds and build-in automatic responses and actions for a more controlled grow.


Collect and Analyze your grow data

Sensors in your grow system use IoT technology to transmit information to the central GrowHub, which connects this information to our cloud. You’ll receive reports on grow specific data and get access to historical data that can be analyzed to predict harvest, improve crop yield, or mitigate issues.


Optimize Your Grow

Improve your grow with a fully controlled system and data-driven farm management.


Our platform makes any indoor growing system smarter

The Grow Computer platform is compatible with any grow system or controlled environment. Our IoT platform gives you the ability to add sensors that are unique to the needs of your system.


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