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The smart digital platform for indoor growing

Grow Computer Technology


Our digital platform allows growers to remotely control, monitor, analyze, and automate their grows.

Control your growing system with your smartphone


Remotely turn on/off outlets on demand

Watch live footage of grow, take snapshots, re-position the camera

Assign outlets and sensors to different crops during a grow 

Set up your environments digitally according to locations and space


See a live view of settings and controls 

Watch data from the grow in real-time 

Monitor plant growth

Check on your crop remotely with a connected device

Get information on crop performance with charts and data tools


Get reports of hourly, daily, monthly, and grow specific data

Review and assess data to predict harvest, improve crop yields, and to mitigate issues


Set up alerts when specified thresholds are exceeded, with notifications via SMS text, email, or by application notification 

Trigger actions in the grow system

Schedule times to turn on/off outlets or take photos

Retain system rules for full automatio

Use smart outlets to control electricity flow to different components of your growing system