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The smart digital platform for indoor growing

Grow Computer is the
Smart Digital Platform
for any Indoor Grower.



Improve your grow business

Improve yields, mitigate issues, and manage costly inputs for optimized growth and improved efficiency. Add unlimited sensors to manage your crops, and as your business grows, easily scale up on the Grow Computer platform.

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Create Unique and Engaging Learning Opportunities for Students

Teach STEM, Nutrition, and more to the next generation of growers. Our hands-on platform is ideal for teaching secondary school students valuable skills about plant science and technology.

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Optimize growing food and medicine WIth full control of your system

Grow Computer’s platform allows home growers and small scale operations to gain access to a fully integrated grow system. Growers will have controls at the push of a button, remotely from their smartphones or computers. Growing at home is made easier and smarter. Data from your grow is collected an analyzed for full better grows

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Test new discoveries and perform in-depth analysis

Grow Computer allows researchers to leverage the power of the data and aggregate information from their grow system to make advancements in the field and a contribute to thorough knowledge of plant growth under controlled environments.

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