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The smart digital platform for indoor growing

Grow Computer is the
Smart Digital Platform
for any Indoor Growing.



Grow Computer provides hydroponic farmers with the ability to easily manage their systems remotely. Hydroponic farms can install unlimited sensors around their facility such as pH, PPM, water and air temperature.

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Grow Computer enables aquaponic farmers to gain full connectivity with their systems. Monitor plant and fish health simultaneously with live video footage and unlimited sensors that track conditions within your system. Set notifications when conditions pass a specified threshold, and automate adjustments within the environment accordingly.

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Grow Computer allows growers in Aeroponic systems to monitor and manage conditions such as light, CO2, and humidity. Our unlimited sensor capabilities provides seamless control over the controlled environment.

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Soil Based

Grow Computer can benefit soil-based indoor growing by allowing remote monitoring and control of conditions through sensors placed in the environment. With our unlimited sensor capabilities, indoor growers can track, manage, and automate conditions such as light levels, temperature levels, and CO2.

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Grow Computer is compatible with all growing systems, including hybrids. Growers can add unlimited sensors that are specific to their needs, and monitor and record information that will optimize plant growth and crop yields.

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Container Farm

Shipping container farms are an ideal controlled environment for the Grow Computer platform. Our sensors can be installed in your existing container, and all data will be aggregated to the central Grow Computer hub. Farmers can build choose the sensors that best suit the needs of their grow and create a system that meets their unique specifications, displayed the way they choose.

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Indoor Vertical Farm

Indoor vertical farming on the Grow Computer platform allows farmers to oversee and manage their system with unlimited sensors that monitor conditions such as temperature, CO2, and humidity. Grow Computer can provide insight into optimal conditions for improved yield, and allow remote management and automation of the farm.

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Greenhouse growers can monitor conditions such as light levels, temperature, and humidity, and manage their systems remotely using the Grow Computer platform. Growers can optimize the conditions and aggregate data to improve efficiency of the greenhouse.

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Indoor Deep Water Culture System

Growers on the Grow Computer platform can track, monitor, and manage conditions such as water and air temperature, pH and EC using sensors placed within the system. Unlimited sensors can be added, and alerts can be established to notify growers when conditions pass through specified thresholds. Growers have the option to implement automatic responses to changing conditions, and can manage their DWC system remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Grow Box and Grow Tent

Grow Computer allows growers using a grow box or grow tent to easily monitor and manage the controlled environment remotely. Sensors installed within the box or tent allow conditions such as temperature, light, and CO2 to be tracked and managed for optimized grows.

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