The smart digital platform for indoor growing

Our Vision

Grow Computer will power the next agricultural revolution by building smart and user-centric IoT-enabled products for the farmers of the future.

We believe that by connecting researchers, entrepreneurs, students, farmers around the world, Grow Computer will empower an entire community to share data and optimize the future of agriculture.

Grow Computer is more than a piece of technology. It’s a way to bring together all of the home growers who want to work together to make the future of agriculture more sustainable, more local, and more delicious.

Our Team

Dan Nelson, Co-Founder & CEO, is an experienced founder and entrepreneur who has been captivated with hydroponics and smart urban farms since trying to build an irrigation system on his balcony for his 17-day honeymoon. He is a former startup founder and has spent his 15-year career applying his knowledge of economics and strategy to work with smart people on cool projects, and this is by far the coolest. Dan has a Master’s in Accounting and Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Michigan and was a 2015 fellow of the Startup Leadership Program.

Ian McEachern, Co-Founder & CTO, is a product design engineer who has studied under expert craftsmen, inventors, product designers, doctors, and engineers. Ian is named as inventor on a half dozen granted and pending patents, including core product technologies for companies such as Baxa (now Baxter), Thoratec (now Abbott), and Covidien (also now Abbott). Ian’s passion is to improve the world by blending user-focused design, tenacity, and old-world craftsmanship with an intimate understanding of the latest technologies.

Montique Willis, Software Lead, is a full stack designer with over 15 years experience delivering dynamic user experiences by designing clean user interfaces and coding the front end of various projects in different markets. He has served in IT and Creative Direction and has produced for the Energy, Oil and Gas, Fintech, Entertainment, and the NBA on various projects for desktop, web, and mobile. "I believe effective design is the sacred space between the dreams of the user and the needs of the business resulting in brand loyalty."

Andrew Verhasselt, Design, is an industrial designer and mechanical engineer with experience in product design with one of his concepts successfully funded on Indiegogo. While completing his Master’s in Industrial Design at Iowa State University, he conducted extensive research in the controlled environment agriculture space and sees the potential within this market and wants to help shape how people interact with and grow their food.

David McGee, Cloud Architect, is an experienced backend and mobile software who graduated from Brown University with a degree in Applied Mathematics- Biology. He loves leveraging his skills to write elegant algorithms and tackle challenging problems. He discovered his love for programming while working in a fast-paced startup environment for an mHealth organization, and has been working as a software engineer since then. David has also worked as a biomedical researcher and has two peer-reviewed publications to his name. "Working on Grow Computer is my way of combining my two true loves: plants and math

Wythe Marschall, Marketing, is currently working on his Ph.D of anthropology of technology at Harvard and is researching the urban agricultural technology startups that are working to disrupt the food economy and change how we think about plants and architecture. In addition, he is the writer of the popular YouTube show Crash Course: History of Science. Previously, Wythe co-founded the Biodesign Challenge; taught science fiction and the history of the life sciences at Harvard; and curated art-and-science exhibitions. Wythe also worked for many years in health and wellness advertising, most recently as a copy supervisor at NeON (Draftfcb).

Dylan Sri-Jayantha, Embedded Software, spent his childhood summers on a farm in Pennsylvania, gaining an appreciation for food that he'd grown himself. After studying engineering at Cornell, he contributed to building a next-generation DNA sequencing instrument. Through this work, he quickly realized that agriculture is a perfect candidate for automation, and now works to empower the local food movement with technology. He also loves camping, live music, dark humor, and beer.